Wednesday, 16 July 2014

I've been gathering.

Like most knitters I have a compulsion to buy wool; Sometimes just one ball that won't be good for anything, sometimes on mass for a major works that I'll dream about but will never materialise  I can honestly say it is the only thing in my life that is organised, that and my button collection, (If I could only colour coordinate my tax returns).

Anyway for some reason or other, possibly the birth of Hector I haven't been adding to my stash, I have simply been using it, it feels very resourceful. I've been knitting some very stripy dungarees for the little man, which I'm sure he will LOVE ( a photo to follow, with him wearing them of course).

However I have been adding to my knitting collection with other things, such as this very sweet french knitting lady that I picked up in a antique/ junk shop, she reminds me of a piece of folk art.

I know the embroidery hoop isn't really knitting but, 1- it was only a pound, and 2- I have had great plans for these and my knitting for long time, and now one day they will be realised and I'll be ready!

Also my mom nearly threw this book out. As you can see it is aptly titled 'Wild Knitting'. I've picked out a few of my favourites. There are some less wild things in the book that I hope to knit, such as a Toucan hat and some duck feet socks.

I very excitingly received the wonderful and extremely inspiring Kate Davis book, 'Colours of Shetland'. I cannot wait to get going on some of these for winter. if you are not familiar with her knitting and writing check out her blog

And last but by no means least, I got a spinning wheel for my birthday!! It's great. I can't get my body and mind to get all of it working at the same time yet but I'm going for a lesson in September. Apparently it's meant to be very mediative once it's going, thank god as so far I just have cramp in my foot.

Happy Knitting!