Saturday, 6 February 2016

Holes In The Plot.

Knitting Lace for me has either been a fantastic triumph or a colossal fail. I have many dormant projects that I just can’t face. But I love it, and these packed away nemeses of mine never seem to put me off tackling something new. I think partly because the lace stitches have such great names like; Feather and fan, Fern lace, Indian cross and Ostrich plume. And even the simple stitches look very impressive.

So this week in my knitting class I’ve come up with a really simple pattern to teach my lovely ladies the joys of Yarn over’s.  I’ve chose the not so romantically named, Eyelet lattice insertion stitch, it looks great and it is a really easy introduction to Lace and eyelet stitches.

Fantastic work created in class this Thursday.

So here it is:


What you will Need:
4mm needles
Double knit wool
Wool needle

K2tog- knit 2 stitches together
YO- Yarn over, bring yarn to the front as if to purl but knit the following stitch.
S1- slip 1 stitch on to the right hand needle without knitting.
PSSO- pass the slipped stitch over the stitch you have just knitted, as if casting off.

 Let’s Get Started:
Cast on 12 stitches
Row 1 & 2 - Knit all stitches

Lace Pattern - This section is to be repeated 11 times.
Row 3 - K3, (K2tog YO) 3 times, K3
Row 4 - K2, P8, K2
Row 5 - K4, (K2tog YO) 2 times, K4
Row 6 - K2, P8, K2

Row 47 & 48- Knit all stitches
Row 49 - K1, K2tog, K6, K2tog, K1
Row 50 - Knit all stitches
Row 51 - K1, K2tog, K4, K2tog, K1
Row 52 - Knit all stitches
Row 53 - K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1
Row 54 - Knit all stitches
Row 55 - K1, K2tog, K2tog, K1
Row 56 - Knit all stitches
Row 57 - K1, K2tog, K1
Row 58 - Knit all stitches
Row 59 - S1, K2tog, PSSO

Cut yarn, leave approx. 15cm and thread through final stitch.
Make tassel and attach using the15cm thread.

If you do not want to do the tassel, cast off after Row 48.
The finished bookmark will need blocking, as it does curl up. I simply wet it slightly and put it in between 2 chopping boards and left to dry.

This Pattern is available through my Ravelry page, so if you do have a go please let me see by sharing it on the pattern page

And of course the more adventurous you get you can add a different lace pattern in to the book mark, the eyelet pattern is repeated over 8 stitches, I’ve added 2 knit stitches either side. For example: Row 3- K2, K1, (K2tog YO) 3 times, K1, K2.

Little Fountain lace stitch.

Happy Knitting!