Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Captain Cat's Socks

I have just published my first paid for pattern on Ravelry. It's very exciting if not a little nerve racking.  I've released it now to celebrate Fathers day here in the uk this weekend. 
These socks were inspired by Captain Cat from my favourite poem Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. Captain cat the blind, welsh seaman is a charming, warm character and was perfect to take inspiration from to design a Mens sock pattern that I could knit for the lovely men in my life. The pattern could easily be made for woman too, the cable pattern is over 15 stitches so can be added into your favourite sock recipe. But the heel which is my favourite part of this design, is a slip stitch heel, flap and Gusset with the cable pattern going right to the bottom. I think it looks really pretty.
I hope you like my socks.
To Purchase the pattern head to Ravelry Store.


Child size -In cascade 220, shade - sage fingering on 2.25mm 
Gauge- 9st/ 12 rows per inch 
foot length 7 inches for UK child size 10
Adult size –In Drops Delight, shade 03 – blue print, sock yarn on 2.25mm 
Gauge - 8st/12rows per inch 
foot length 9.5 inches for UK men’s size 8

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Natural Dyeing in Tordouet.

Last week we were in the beautiful village of Tordouet in Normandy, France.
It was a great break and though there wasn't a lot of knitting my son Hector and I filmed part two of my video series. This Video is about Natural Dying with onion skins and an Iron nail.
We had loads of fun making the video so I hope you enjoy it.

I've done a lot of natural dyeing before for my Meadow sweet yarns and always find natural dyeing is super easy and fun to experiment with. the basics you need are:

A large Pot, (not one that you will cook in again)
Wool or natural fibres (superwash wool is what I use)
Alum or a small piece of Iron.
Washing up liquid
Dye matter - Onion skins, Walnut leaves,  Blackberries, Teas... you can experiment with all sorts.

I hope the video gives you some inspiration to have fun with Natural Dyes. 

Happy Knitting!!