Monday, 14 April 2014

Knitting’s not just for Christmas

You may think of knitting as a winter hobby, cozying up, madly knitting scarves and socks for Christmas presents. But there are endless projects for the spring and summer months.

I’ve decided to up-cycle some of my clothes for summer.  I wanted quick projects that I would actually get finished in time for summer. It’s rather addictive, and I’ll have to make sure I don’t take the scissors to too much of my wardrobe.

I started small with this old vest top.

Since I started knitting I have always wanted to knit lace, and indeed I did knit my mum a lace blanket one Christmas. (It’s one of those projects I wonder how I ever got done.) There are some amazing lace patterns and I just loved this one, called Mountain Peaks. I found it on the wonderful and aptly named I used a cotton yarn so I would be able to wash it like I would normally. It also looks better, I think.

I cut the hole in the top after I knitted the swatch.

Thrilled with the success of this piece, I got a little braver with my scissors and cut up an old T-shirt of my brother’s.

There is a great blog called where she gives you a tutorial of how to crochet an edge. However, I can’t crochet so I knitted the edge using a Moss stitch as it doesn’t curl and is easily one of my favourite stitches. I also thought that the little bobbles of the stitch matched the spots on the T-shirt.

If you haven’t tried Moss stitch before it goes like this:

Cast on an even number of stitches

Row 1 - *Knit1, Purl1 * Rep these 2 stitches to the end of the row
Row 2 - *Purl1, Knit1 * Rep these 2 stitches to the end of the row

Repeat both rows.

I’ve also been busy coming up with an Easter pattern to sell as a pack at the sewing school. I came up with this super cute chick, which knits up in a couple of hours.

What a great season to be knitting!