Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Natural Dyeing in Tordouet.

Last week we were in the beautiful village of Tordouet in Normandy, France.
It was a great break and though there wasn't a lot of knitting my son Hector and I filmed part two of my video series. This Video is about Natural Dying with onion skins and an Iron nail.
We had loads of fun making the video so I hope you enjoy it.

I've done a lot of natural dyeing before for my Meadow sweet yarns and always find natural dyeing is super easy and fun to experiment with. the basics you need are:

A large Pot, (not one that you will cook in again)
Wool or natural fibres (superwash wool is what I use)
Alum or a small piece of Iron.
Washing up liquid
Dye matter - Onion skins, Walnut leaves,  Blackberries, Teas... you can experiment with all sorts.

I hope the video gives you some inspiration to have fun with Natural Dyes. 

Happy Knitting!!

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