Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn sock pattern

There’s nothing like the changing colours of the leaves and the nights drawing in to make me want to wrap up in hand knits and start dream knitting for the cold months ahead.  So to help us along I have a new pattern, a sock pattern, which is very exciting,  Called ‘Shorter days, shorty socks’.
I love knitting shorty socks and as it’s not quite cold enough yet for the big wool socks I thought these were perfect. They are easily adaptable for longer socks and could be made as children’s or men’s also.

As a general guide when I knit socks on 2.25mm needles, US 1. I cast on 36 stitches for a baby, 48 for a young child , 64 for a woman, and for men I’m casting on 68 at the moment. A lot of patterns suggest 72 stitches for a man but I think that is slightly too many for my tension.

In this pattern I have used a garter short row heel. Predominantly for aesthetics but also it fits my heel really well and I don’t have to switch to DPNs  for the heel as I like to knit socks on 9inch circulars. Also with this heel I have knit the short rows over 36st rather than 32st. I find this fits my foot better as I have a wide foot with a high instep.

This Pattern is knit in Rico Design, Superba Circus in the Brown Mix, and some Life in the Long Grass, Starman, for the cuffs and toes. I have been staring at these two colour ways together for months waiting to find a pattern, and what better than to come up with your own, so you have exactly what you envisioned.

So here it is your  ‘Shorter days, shorty socks’ Pattern,

You will need
2.25mm needles
4ply sock yarn
1 darning needle

  • ·      Cast on 64 stitches in the round, place marker for BOR.
  • ·      Knit 2x2 Rib (knit 2st, Purl 2st) for 14 Rows,

  • ·      Knit 7 rounds

  • ·      Purl 2 rounds

  • ·      Knit 4 rounds

  • ·      Repeat last 2 rounds twice more so you have 3 garter bumps.

  • ·      Knit 17 rounds

  • ·      Knit across 35 stitches, slip the next stitch, wrap and Turn.
  • ·      Knit to 1 stitch before the BOR marker, wrap and turn.
  • ·      Continue to knit to 1 stitch before the last wrapped stitch, and wrap and turn, until you have 8 unwrapped stitches, (14 wrapped stitches either side)
  • ·      Knit these 8 unwrapped stitches and then Knit the first wrapped stitch, wrap and turn.
  • ·      Knit back to the first wrapped stitch on the other side knit this  then wrap and turn.
  • ·      Continue till all the wrapper stitch have been knit.
  • ·      Begin to work in the round again. I like to add an extra stitch marker to devide my stitches in half now so I know where I am when decreasing for the toe.
  • ·      Knit till your sock measures approx. 2inches short of you foot length.

Garter Short Row Heal
*remember I knit my heel over 36stitches rather than the usual 32stitchs.

There are tons of great tutorials that explain the garter short row heel really well, I find it really helpful to watch tutorial videos. Here’s one I found really helpful, the 
                           And of course Very pink knits has a great wrap and turn video.

But here is how I knit mine.

The Toe knit on DPNs
      Round 1:
·      Needle 1: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

·      Needle 2: K1, ssk, k to end of needle.

·      Needle 3: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.

·      Needle 4: K1, ssk, k to end of needle.

·      Round 2: Knit all stitches

·      Repeat these 2 rounds until there are 8 stitches (or half  the amount you started with) on each needle.

·      Now repeat round 1 until there are 4 stitches on each needle or until the toe measures 2 inches.
·      Seam up using the kitchener stitch method.

 I hope you Like them, If you do give them ago please share Ravelry on my page.

Happy knitting!!

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