Thursday, 7 July 2016

Birthday swifts and 9 inch needles

So it was my birthday last week and I had a great time with family and friends and got spoilt with lovely knitting tools that I’ve been wanting. We had lovely food and wine and went to the woods in Kenilworth, and Rich and I actually went out together for a meal, which was amazing. 

As I said in my last blog, I’ve been exploring all the beautiful hand-dyed yarns and buying some really beautiful skeins of yarn. But the one thing missing was a yarn swift and ball winder.

Having for so long avoided buying skeins because I hate having to wind by hand (and getting in a horrible tangle), I’m so thrilled with my new toys and I just love seeing how the yarn winds up and changes. You can really see all the colours and pattern, especially in the speckled and striped yarns. It’s quite magical and got me really eager to finish projects and cast more things on so I can wind some more. 

I also got this great tote bag, (I’m not sure what company it’s from), and this sock ruler from Rosies Moments on Etsy – and she put in these really sweet stitch marker too. I’m sure I’m going to use these thing a lot. 

In another knitting exploration, I bought myself some 9-inch circulars to try some socks on. I’ve heard so much about them – totally mixed reviews but I thought I’d give them a shot. I haven’t got too far but I’m really liking them. I thought I’d try some socks for Rich first as they have more stitches cast on and thought that might be easier. 

The first two rows were a little tight but now it’s great and, compared to knitting on DPNs (double pointed needles), it seems much easier to transport and do little bits on. I’m really pleased with those – I love learning new techniques. 

I’m knitting Rich another pair of the Molly Weasely Family sock as it was so quick and easy when I knitted my own. I have for cuffs heals and toes The Women's Institute, Unique Shetland in Olive Green and for the leg and foot I have by Rico Design, Suberba Circus in Brown Mix 05 . He loves brown so I think I’m on to a winner. 

I finished my Hermione’s everyday socks and I’m so pleased with them. I was worried they were going to be massive after blocking them, as I did them in a sport weight yarn but I have a really high instep so they fit me great. I had to look up how to do the eye of partridge heal on DPNS and I don't think it came out exactly how it should, but I really like it all the same, and would do it again as it is.

I’m going to do a non-Harry-Potter themed sock next I think. I’ve never even read the books and I feel like I’m a super fan. 

I have a few other projects to cast on but I’ll share them next time when I’ve made more progress and there is actually something to show. And I also have a ‘Holes in the plot bookmark the sequel’, which is another free pattern ready for my next blog. So if you had a go at the first which was a introduction to Yarn over stitches, this is a little more challenging and a really lovely lace pattern. 

Happy Knitting!

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